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Services & Products: Aveda



The art and science of pure flower and plant essences is the core of aveda. Aveda's beauty products are alive with the life force of plants, and contain pure essential oils. Their solutions are so powerful we call them purescriptions™. While they specialize in hair care, they offer other plant-based products—skin care, makeup, pure-fume™, aromas and lifestyle—that are all professionally developed, clinically tested, and go to exceptional lengths to be respectful of the earth. Ever since a hairdresser founded Aveda in 1978, their products have been harvested with respect for the earth, in harmony with the web of life.

Aveda: connecting beauty, environment and well-being.

Acting responsibly

Aveda believes there is no responsible alternative to doing business other than through the pursuit of environmental sustainability and this belief guides every decision we make. we find inspiration for doing so in nature and believe that nature is not merely something to be cherished and protected, but also should be emulated as a model of sustainability. They also believe that profit and environmental responsibility will increasingly work together as more industries find out that "nature works" for both sustainability and the bottom-line.